How drone video can boost your business

How drone video can boost your business

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Drone video footage adds an extra, exciting element to your video that helps your business stand out. 

At one time, such outstanding aerial videography was reserved for big corporations that could afford a helicopter pilot and an experienced camera operator.

But drones have helped to make the cost of producing aerial video so much more affordable. According to Social Media Today, video is the best performing content for your social media platforms. So, you want to show off your business in the best light if you are going to use video for marketing.

Business Park Drone Footage

Drone video for a new perspective

Drone footage produces high-quality images that can present a new perspective of your business. If your building is based in an impressive location, an aerial view will show it off best.

While we can offer superb shots with a camera outside your building, drone video always offers the ‘wow’ factor. If taken during dramatic lighting conditions, it adds a Hollywood-style feel to the final version.

If showing off your location doesn’t help potential clients make purchasing decisions, you can always highlight where you are by utilising landmarks near you. 

For example, Huntley Plant Hire and Access in Newcastle wanted to explain the story behind the business for a special anniversary. As they wanted to highlight being based in the North East, we chose to use drone footage that we filmed for them of Gateshead’s Angel of the North.

As an opening shot, it was dramatic and those first few seconds showed the company in a superb light.

Angel of the North

Location, location, location

As we have already mentioned, using drone footage helps potential clients understand the size of your business. If anyone wants to visit your premises, using aerial images helps them visualise where you are before they set off.

Video footage from a drone helps offer an exciting viewpoint of your location and you can also use a still from it for other marketing uses, such as brochures or on your website.

Hotels and other events venues can really benefit from drone footage. If potential customers – such those looking for somewhere to host weddings or corporate events – can see your stunning setting from the air, it adds a feel of exclusivity.

Drone Videography Go Storage

What you need to know about drone video

If you’re thinking of buying a cheap drone, think again. Not only will they not provide the best quality, they have limitations.

If you are looking at hiring a video production company for drone video, ensure they are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This is a legal requirement in the UK for operating drones, especially at the heights you need for the best views.

As a commercial enterprise, it is your responsibility to check that the production company you choose has the correct certification.

The CAA grants operators a Permission for Commercial Operations certificate, which is due to become a General Visual Line of Sight Certificate in (GVC) 2021.

Our certified drone operators have undertaken a lengthy process to gain CAA approval, which includes a competency test and understanding aviation law. This is due to the damage that can be caused by drones if used incorrectly.

So, if you want to put your business in the best light using drone video footage, then contact us for more information.

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