Should I try YouTube advertising?

Should I try YouTube advertising?

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Should I try YouTube advertising?

When it comes to advertising your business, YouTube offers a world of opportunity – quite literally! But can it be useful for a local business?

You may be a business in Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Middlesbrough – in fact anywhere in the North East – and think that as YouTube is global it is too big for you to feature on. And you might also think that using a video production company is also just a pipe dream and used only by international firms.
But with 1 billion hours of viewing every day, you could be missing a huge opportunity. And if you don’t use a video production company, anything you post on YouTube could be sending potential customers and clients the wrong message.

YouTube is also the second most-used search engine, something many people don’t realise. It’s only beaten by Google, which just happens to be part of the same company, so you can see what potential there is from YouTube advertising.

How does YouTube advertising work?

Having a YouTube channel is essential for any business, but making sure they are viewed means you need to advertise. It works in much the same way as Google Adwords and there are two types of ads.

True View Ads

TrueView Ads are just like Pay Per Click on Google. What that means is you only pay when viewers watch or interact with your ad. For example, if you’re a mechanic and want exposure, you could ensure your ad appears when someone searches for “how to change a car lightbulb”. A related video which also advertises your garage could appear when they search your local area, such as Newcastle, and that could mean they click to view your ad. You only pay if they watch for at least 30 seconds, which is much better than TV advertising, where you don’t know if anyone has watched you ad or taken notice. There are two types of True View Ads:

Video Discovery Ads

Video Discovery Ads appear on the YouTube homepage, search results pages and as related videos on YouTube video watch pages. They appear after someone has searched for something and their search words match your keywords.

In-Stream Ads

These ads play before someone watches a video they’ve selected and are more expensive. They can be “skippable”, which allows viewers the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds.


Preroll Ads

Some of the in-stream ads are not skippable and play before, during or after the main video. These videos are 15 to 20 seconds long. Any YouTube videos that are longer than 10 minutes will have preroll ads midway through (just like TV channels) that cannot be skipped, and these are a premium product. They are often the ads that cost more because of their placing. There are also “bumper” ads, which are only six-seconds long and cannot be skipped. In all cases of Preroll Ads, you need a Call To Action to make them worth the extra cost.

Do I need a video production company?

There are lots of inexpensive ways to produce videos: from smartphones to budget cameras, but they will not produce a professional video. So you need to find a good and experienced video production company – and you don’t need to look for any in London.

We are a Newcastle video production and photography company and we have a lot of experience. And because we don’t have London overheads, our prices are more competitive for any type of businesses. Without our experience in designing a storyboard, script and using the best equipment, your video just won’t do your business any justice. Unlike TV advertising, where audiences are falling, YouTube’s is growing. So it will help your business potentially reach thousands of people in the North East. You need to make sure your business is shown in the best light – and only an experienced video production company will help you do that. Also, your competition may be using a video production company, which could impact on your potential sales. According to IT Technology News 24 video production company services are booming, which proves that more people are using the services like ours here at Media Borne.

So, if you want to get ahead of competitors, you need to contact us today so we can let you know how we can help your business reach more people through YouTube.

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