Top tips for filming a time lapse video

A helpful blog post with tips and advice on how to film an effective and compelling time lapse video. The article will focus on tips on how to plan, set up, film and edit your time lapse videography.

How to Film a Great Interview

A blog post sharing Media Borne’s experience with interviews, rounding up their best advice on how to film and produce a great interview including- pre-production, technical setup, and building rapport with your interview subject.

How to Give a Great Interview on Film

The second part of our blog series giving tips for producing great filmed interviews, with advice from Duncan Yellowlees on how to come across well in an interview including preparing answers, body language, how to dress, how to relax and what not to do.

Video marketing for business: what to remember

This week we are looking at some of the key points to remember when developing video marketing content for business.

How drone video can boost your business

In this blog we look at the advantages that drone based videography can bring to your business.

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