Top UK Time Lapse Videos

Top UK Time Lapse Videos

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The Power of Time Lapse Video

Time lapse videos can bring a project to life, no matter its length and breadth. They can help to build trust with your audience, who can see each stage of your work evolving in front of them. And they can capture both large scale events and tiny details, allowing us to take in long periods of time in just a few minutes. 

Time lapse videos are not only technically impressive they are also fantastic ways to tell a story. Here at Media Borne, we love producing time lapse videos and want to share not only how time lapses are made, but also all the different purposes that the technique can be used for and effects it can create.

That’s why we wanted to put together a list of spectacular top UK time lapses that display the variety and versatility of this filming technique. We’ve focused here on videos of cityscapes and urban development. Partly to convey how useful time lapse can be excellent practical and promotional tools for businesses and organisations.  And partly because we love to show off the beauty and diversity of British cities. From our favourite North-Eastern city Newcastle, where our media agency is based, through spectacular cities like London and Manchester, historic cities like Edinburgh and Liverpool and newly redeveloped cities like Birmingham and Cardiff. We hope you enjoy watching these time lapses as much as we enjoy making them for clients, nonprofits and ourselves. 

Time Lapse Videos of 7 of the UK’s Top Cities


We couldn’t resist starting with our own home town of Newcastle, a city we love and are incredibly proud to work in. This time lapse of Newcastle city centre uses drone technology as well as cameras on tripods to capture Newcastle’s spectacular river setting and the city’s top sites. The video was commissioned and produced for our clients Johnson Tucker to be a central feature on their newly redesigned website.



As well as producing a time lapse video of Newcastle, we couldn’t resist travelling down to London on a sunny day and capturing this time lapse of our beautiful capital. Technically, this video is a combination of the time lapse technique and the hyperlapse technique, which means that you move the camera between time lapse shots. You can immediately see the benefit of hyperlapse in this video that takes you round some of London’s most spectacular buildings and viewpoints. Combining time lapse and hyperlapse is perfect if you want to showcase a city, event or construction project with multiple sites. 



Young, award-winning photographer Jake Brennan created this time lapse of Manchester’s city centre last year. His choice of filming at dusk and at night time perfectly highlights time lapse video’s versatile ability to record the hustle and bustle of a large city at any time of day. Indeed, our clients often commission time lapse videos to document traffic flow and footfall in a particular section of a city, like the one we did for the Highways Agency to monitor traffic in Newcastle.


Time lapse videos can not only be used for practical purposes like research and site supervision, they can also be used to showcase a city at its best. This time lapse video by photographer and picture editor for Media Wales Rob Browne captures Cardiff just before Christmas and spotlighting the beauty of the city’s festive decorations. The video was used to market Cardiff in the local newspaper Wales Online as a wonderful shopping experience, with the time lapse video used as both a promotional tool and an eye catching feature to attract readers.


As we’ve seen, time lapse videos can be incredibly useful to record the progress of a project or the productivity of a company. They can be used to market a city, a business or an event with drama and transparency. Time lapses can also, as you’ll see in this slower video by photographer Krzysztof Wrzos, be incredibly beautiful, adding flair and substance to your company’s branding and acting as compelling content on both your website and social media.



If you were ever in doubt of the usefulness of time lapse for construction projects, this video by Network Rail condenses 5 years of the massive building project to rebuild Birmingham’s New Street Station down into an impressive 5 minutes. The Birmingham New Street Redevelopment revitalised the city’s central station, creating a space 5 times bigger than London’s Euston station and costing more than 750 million pounds. The construction project enabled the station to go from 60,000 passengers a day to over 170,000 at peak times.



Not only can time lapse convey the evolution of an event or project, it can also take you on a tour of a site or a city. Italian photographer Mattia Bicchi has travelled to over 20 countries to create an incredible collection of time lapse videos of cities and landscapes. Below is his time lapse video of Liverpool and it perfectly demonstrates how you can use a time lapse video to guide the viewer through a particular place, highlighting the areas that you want to showcase and providing a quick, effective and attractive virtual tour. 


Have you considered time lapse video for your business?

As you’ve seen from the breath-taking videos in our list above, time lapse videos are compelling. Their large scale, fast pace, and technical prowess, can captivate even the shortest attention span

Plus, as we explained in a previous blog about time lapse videos in the construction business, commissioning a time lapse video from a creative media agency is an excellent investment:

If you are a construction business or property developer then a time lapse video is an invaluable tool for  both internal monitoring and external promotion. As our clients The High Street Group put it, the videos act as evidence of “instant progress” to investors, local agencies and potential customers. 

If you’re organising a conference or event, then a time lapse can help to build anticipation for excited attendees, as well as demonstrate the skill and professionalism of your team. 


And, if you're a business looking to upgrade your branding and marketing, then time lapse videos can add elegance and charisma to your website, promotional material and social media presence. Not to mention that they also add panache to case studies, key meetings and product launches. 

For more ideas on how time lapses can help your business or event, you can watch time lapses we’ve created for clients, read through our blogs on time lapse videos, and contact us to talk through what type of time lapse would best work for you. 

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