What a time lapse is and how can it benefit your business?

We absolutely love time lapse video and time lapse photography at Media borne, so we’re going to explain how you can make them work for your business.

What Equipment Do You Need for Digital Video Production?

This blog article provides a checklist for all the essential equipment needed for video production including storyboards, cameras, microphones, tripods, gimbals, lighting, and external hard drives. And don't forget storytelling!

Should I use video on my website?

If you are unsure about adding video to your website, this should help illustrate the myriad of benefits of using video on your website.

Why should I use animated video?

Telling your business story in a memorable way is essential! And that is where animation comes into its own.

Why do I need long-form video content?

They wrongly assumed that 21st century consumers now have an attention span so short that any video they view has to be crammed into 30 to 60 seconds!

The Advantages of Hiring a Creative Media Agency

We get a lot of questions about creative media agencies such as what exactly do they do and what benefit is there to hiring a media agency? This article answers these questions and provides tips on how to find and hire the best creative media agency for your company. 

How to Film a Great Interview

A blog post sharing Media Borne’s experience with interviews, rounding up their best advice on how to film and produce a great interview including- pre-production, technical setup, and building rapport with your interview subject.

What is brand identity and why is it important?

An explanation of what an effective brand identity is and the power a professional media agency has to grow your business.

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