Video in email marketing: what you need to know

Video in email marketing: what you need to know

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Video in email marketing: what you need to know


Emails are still a great way of connecting with potential customers – even in these days of WhatsApp, Facebook and LinkedIn messaging!

With email marketing providers, such as MailChimp, it is quite easy to build a good looking campaign. But you may still need a lot of words to explain your product!

That is where using video for email marketing campaigns can help you stand above competitors. According to statistics, using the word ‘video’ in the subject line increases the rate that people open their email by 19%. And it also improves SEO and clicks – leading to 41% more search traffic.

So if you’re thinking of email marketing campaigns, you should use video if you want to improve their success.


Video In Email Marketing

Benefits of using video in email marketing

Videos help boost your conversions because they are not only intriguing, they are more engaging and effective. Complex messages are also easily conveyed in video, such as this video for All England Gas. Inserting such a video in an email is a lot easier for the recipient to understand than if the process is written down. Hundreds of words can be an instant turn-off in an email marketing campaign.

All England Gas

We’ve already highlighted that email in video increases opens and boost SEO. Statistics also show that email marketing:

Increases revenue. 64% of consumers are more likely to buy after seeing a video, while 65% of executives will visit your site.

Cuts costs. Using video can reduce costs per lead by 19%

Increase clicks. Video thumbnails can increase clicks by 50%


What to do next

The first thing to do is to choose the right video content. At Media Borne, we can advise you but it’s always a good idea to think first about the purpose of your video.

So, if you want to use it to attract a buyer then you should consider the message. Make sure it’s clearly about how your goods or services will help the viewer.

For those prospects who already know a little about you, you could consider case studies or product demos. Try and separate your emails so that those who are already further down your sales funnel don’t get bombarded with videos directly selling the benefits. Smart email marketing will turn prospects into clients more effectively.


To embed or not to embed

The next step is do decide how to share the video in an email. You could link to it on a streaming service such as YouTube. Or if your company can host video on its own servers, it can be embedded to watch within the email.

The easiest way is to use a still from your video with a ‘play’ button on top of it and link to the video in YouTube or Vimeo. 


Add some text

Spam filters may see your email as spam if it only contains a video or image. To avoid your message being dumped into the spam box, make sure you add some copy that compliments the video. Make sure the copy goes above your video and mentions it just in case the recipient’s email client doesn’t automatically download images. If that happens they’ll just see a blank space.


Think about the viewer

If you are sending a B2B video, most people will view them on desktop computers or laptops where big screens can show low-resolution video as grainy. If you sell items to customers, such as clothing, then they are more likely to watch on a smartphone. Make sure you let us know who your target audience is and we will advise you.

Video is great on websites, but as you can see, it can help build your brand via email too. If you’d like a no-obligation chat about your email video, contact us today.

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