Video marketing for business: content ideas

Video marketing for business: content ideas

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In our video marketing for business series we’ve looked at a lot of background information – but what about content ideas?
Video content is not only being watched by more people, a study by HubSpot shows that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a business they support.
So, it is clear that all businesses need video content as part of a marketing strategy. We have looked at everything from the storyboard to the production process. With all this in mind, you may have decided that a video is the next step in your marketing plan.
One area you need to focus on first is the content. What are you going to say? It’s all well and good wanting to use video but without a clear message it won’t work well.
You can put ideas to a marketing production company, like us here at Media Borne, and we will do all we can to help you. But without a clear idea of your message, the final video may miss the point.
Make sure your video content is relevant if it is to be successful. Don’t make a video for the sake of it! A report in Forbes magazine highlighted a study that said relevant content drives more engagement and revenue, so keep this in mind.
So, to help you consider what the topic of your video might be, we offer 5 ideas that may start the creative thought process needed.

A big announcement

If you have big news about your business, don’t issue a press release or tweet about it until you have a video about it in the can! Once you do, you can use still shots from the video to build up to the big announcement. Then make the ‘big reveal’ by inviting people to watch the premiere of the video. It’s better than investing in nothing but PR!


If you are working on a long-term project and want to highlight the stages – such as the construction of Hadrian Tower in Newcastle – then time-lapse is perfect.
Time-lapse video is successful because people love to watch things come together. And time-lapse wows because of its speed as it portrays real-time work.

Tell a story

You may want to mark the anniversary of your business, or want to explain a new service. That’s where telling a story makes interesting content for a marketing video. When Huntley Plant Hire and Access wanted to mark its 40th year to explain their fascinating history, they chose a marketing video that told the story.

Before and after

Using video to demonstrate how your business can transform something makes interesting content. Much like time-lapse, people love to watch things taking place for comparison. If you are a decorating firm, then showing a video of the changes you’ve made is more interesting than simply using photographs.

Parody’s popular

If there is a trending video of a multi-national firm, a music video or a movie, then a parody that suits your business will capture attention.
Make sure the parody is clearly just that and is genuinely funny. Do that and people will love it! As they like seeing a twist on a relevant and fresh topic, your brand will stand out. In many cases, you will have to act quickly if it’s a trending video, but the right parody content could unlock a huge amount of interest in your business.

There are many more content ideas that your business can use in a marketing video. The first rule is to make sure it is relevant for your business no matter which type you use. So, a client meeting with a mortgage adviser really won’t work as time-lapse, for example!
If you want to know more about our content ideas for your business, contact us today to arrange a free, no obligation meeting.

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