Video marketing for business: the storyboard

Video marketing for business: the storyboard

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Video marketing for business: the storyboard

If you have decided to use video marketing in your business then you’re making a positive step to get your business noticed.

According to the latest statistics, including a video on a landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80%. So, including video in your marketing plan cannot be ignored.

With ideas about what the video should say rushing around your head, it’s easy to forget about the storyboard. A video without a storyboard can end up being a bit of mishmash of ideas that harms your brand.

We deal with companies across Newcastle and the North East as well as further afield, and we always advise that you should consider a storyboard.

They are fairly easy to make and although the production company behind the likes of Game of Thrones use storyboards, yours doesn’t have to be beautifully drawn like these. But having some of your ideas on paper helps us create a storyboard for you.


What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is usually made up of squares filled with sketches or illustrations for each shot. Each square is usually accompanied by notes or a short explanation of what is happening in each frame.

The storyboard helps you visualise how the final video will look and how the story will progress.

Story Board

Why storyboards are important

To plan your video from start to finish you need to know what the lighting will be, whether you will use captions or if you prefer to choose voiceovers. Working on these details helps you ensure the final product is exactly what you envision.

We don’t expect our clients to fully storyboard their video, but it is important that if you have specific ideas that match your company’s branding you let us know. 

By using a storyboard (even if it is just stick figures) it helps us understand your thoughts. We will then let you know what is and isn’t possible. So, if you’re idea of a Hollywood-style stunt is not within your budget, at least we can tell you early because we will have seen the storyboard.

Forklift Branding Building

How to structure your marketing video

Each marketing video should follow a basic structure, just like when you’re writing a story.



This grabs your viewer’s attention and needs to intrigue them and encourage them to keep watching. In our video for Huntley Plant Hire and Access, we opened the video with stunning footage of the Angel of the North to not only grab attention but to let viewers know the company is based in the North East. 

By using attractive footage and a familiar scene settles the viewer so they are receptive to the message.

Huntley Plant Opening Shot

Problem statement

If you are marketing your business as a solution to someone’s problems, then after the opener mention the issue. This helps prospective clients and customers identify with your service or product. It makes them feel like you’re talking directly to them.

So, let’s say you are an accountant and your potential clients face the daily issue keeping track of paper receipts. You could say, “Are you fed up of losing your receipts and tired of wasting time trying to find them?”.

By identifying a problem, the viewer understands whether what you are telling them relates to them or not.



Once you have mentioned the problem, it’s time to explain how your business or organisation has the solution. So, for the accountant, the solution could read something like, “With our integrated online accounting system, you can photograph your receipts with your phone and it stores them in your accounts automatically.”

Along with an image of how it works and a happy person demonstrating how it works, it clearly shows prospective clients whether the solution will meet their requirements.

Hi You Website


Call to action

All marketing activity requires a call to action. If you don’t know how to contact a business it doesn’t matter how good the marketing video looks, it will fail in its job of increasing your customer base.

So remember to include your brand name, website address and contact details. Ensure those details are on screen long enough for someone to take a note of them, too.

Once you have these elements you can consider how the video might look and draw a basic storyboard. We will share our 8 steps to creating a storyboard for your marketing video next week, but if you want to discuss your video now, contact us today.

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