Video marketing for business: video production companies

Video marketing for business: video production companies

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When it comes to video marketing for your business you need to make a couple of decisions before you start. Do you want to use a smartphone or employ a video production company?

If you want your brand to stand out, then it has to be for the right reasons. A badly thought-out video with poor sound and lighting and a pixelated image will not present the right image.

There will be times when an unplanned event can be captured on your phone for sharing on your firm’s social media platform. But don’t mistake those instances as being your plan for video marketing.

Like anything in business, you need to plan to make the most of what you are doing. Planning video marketing is important and an experienced company will ensure the end result compliments your brand.


Using a video production company

Once you decide to use a video production company, you must make sure to brief them properly.

The better prepared you are the better the production company understands you and your goals. It not only saves time during the production process, it also leads to a satisfactory end result for you and your business.

When we work with a client in the North East or further afield, we like to understand what they need to achieve. That way, we can advise if we believe an idea will work. 

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Define the purpose

Why are you making your video? That’s the first question and the most obvious. Don’t create a video for the sake of it, it needs a purpose.

You need to know who your target audience is, your call to action [add link to call to action blog] and where it will be hosted. We have looked at hosting in an earlier blog.

Once the video production company understands that, they can plan the best route to carry things forward.

Think Smart Screen Replacement

What’s your tone?

You know your audience best, so you can decide how best to ‘speak’ to them. Of course, it’s always worth asking a video production company to use their expertise in how to convey your tone. Ultimately, however, it is your brand.

Do you want to have a friendly tone or authoritative? If your audience is generally corporate, you might want to be formal and use facts and figures from your company and its history. But if you want to build a community through your brand, then a more friendly tone will suit you better.

We will always chat about your ideas and understand you and how you think, so we can offer you the best tone. It can also help if you share any examples of videos you like.

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Be open to new ideas

While you may have a particular style you like, it’s always advisable to be open to new ideas. Using a video production company means you will get an independent view of your business and brand. We look at your entire brand first because it is important to reflect it in video.

If your idea fails to reflect your brand, then we will offer advice and new ideas. This isn’t a criticism of your brand, but the views of people who are ‘outsiders’ who may have spotted issues you might not have considered. 

Open to New Ideas

Know your budget

When managing a project there are three constraints traditionally: cost, time and scope. This is known as the triple constraint theory.

The theory says it is best to balance the quality, spend and cost of a project and changing one of those elements upsets the other two.

Basically, you can’t have good quality if you want something too quickly and two cheaply. Likewise, you can’t have something delivered quickly and keep the quality and price down.

When planning a project ensure that your budget is realistic depending on the timescale and quality you need. 

Knowing your budget at the outset means a video production company can advise how realistic your goal is. If you have the goal of producing a video in a certain location with actors and a recognisable voiceover, it won’t happen if your budget it too small. 

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If you decide to employ a video production company, always communicate. We will constantly ask for feedback at various stages, but if you have any concerns don’t wait until the final edit.

Keeping in contact is vital to ensuring your final video is completed on time and meets your original goal. Don’t be worried if you have to make amendments or delay filming due to unforeseen issues. Make sure you let the video production company know immediately and it will help them reschedule production deadlines.


This is the last of our video marketing for business series. Over the past 10 weeks we hope you have learned about just some of the work that goes on behind the scenes before a video is viewed.

If you would like more details about Media Borne’s video production experience, contact us today.

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