Video marketing for business: what to remember

Video marketing for business: what to remember

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If you are considering video marketing for your business, there are some hints and tips that will help you produce a better end product.

Before you start, you must consider what it is your video is going to do. Is it about educating people about your products or is it to create leads?

Whatever you need from your video, think about it before you start filming. If you are enlisting the help of a video production company, such as Media Borne, then we can help you plan. But it is always best to have an idea before we meet so we understand what you want to achieve.

With experience of producing many marketing videos for clients in Newcastle and the North East, we offer 5 things to remember from the beginning.


The script

The most confident person in your organisation will struggle without a script. Even if you have a member of staff who loves amateur dramatics, they may ramble without help.

Every second counts in video marketing and the last thing you want to do is waste time. So, if you think you’ll remember all the salient points, chances are you will mix them up or forget one or two!

In that case, we always recommend having a script. You don’t necessarily have to memorise every word but the script will help you formulate a coherent message. This writing website gives a fascinating insight into what you need to make any script better.

If you think about the storyboard, the script should be easy to write. If you’re uncertain about what a storyboard entails, check out our blog from earlier this month.




Set the right tone

Your brand is very important. If you’re unsure about branding, check out our blog from last year. If your brand and products or services are serious, a fun video with staff members in fancy dress may not match the tone of your brand.

Of course, there is always a chance for a serious brand to be more lighthearted from time to time. Similarly, a fun brand might want to share a serious message occasionally. Either way, make sure your message matches your tone!


Who cares?

Your prospective clients may not be as fascinated in your videos as you, your colleagues or your family and friends are.

Remember, what matters is how the product or service affects those that are watching the video. If you’re just singing your own praises, people will switch off!

Think about a way to hook your viewers in the first few seconds or think of ways to make them excited about what you are offering. Don’t think about what you are saying, think about what your potential customers want to hear.


Tell a story

We’ve already mentioned scripts and storyboards. The one key point to remember is that the video should tell a story. When Huntley Plant Hire and Access asked us to produce a video to raise awareness, we decided their story should be about their years of experience.

So the video focused on their brand and history. We also used case studies to confirm their story of having vast experience as another layer to their story.

People can identify with stories, so make sure you have your story ready to tell.


Huntley Snip

Be creative

Demo videos or introductory videos are very useful to raise awareness about your business and brand. But sometimes, you need to be a bit more creative!

We can offer animation to make your video stand out. Or you could try something a bit different if you and your team don’t mind having some fun. Create your own jingle, or think of a different narrative, such as making your message feel like a TV news story.

The more unusual your video, the more likely people will remember it and its message. It has to be within your brand guidelines, but the world is your oyster!

If you want to talk about video marketing for business, contact us now. We love to hear about your ideas…

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