Video marketing for business: convert more leads

Video marketing for business: convert more leads

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Video marketing for business: convert more leads

Video marketing used to be the reserve of big business. Think of a brand such as Nike or McDonalds and chances are they use video central to their marketing mix.

Better, cost-effective technology and platforms such as Facebook and YouTube have turned marketing with video on its head. It means that video production companies such as ours in Newcastle can offer small and medium-sized businesses the same high quality media without needing the budget of the multi-national brands.

If you consider video production to be an unnecessary expense, then you need to reconsider because it boosts conversion rates by almost four-fifths. So it is the most powerful way to attract customers.

Marketing videos can also reflect the personality of your brand. Check out our video of The Hand Dyed Shoe Company which does just that – and without a budget of millions!

Hand Dyed Shoe Co

But what type of videos are best for converting more leads?


Landing page videos

According a study by landing page builder Unbounce, including a video on a landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80%. A landing page is crucial for marketing and it doesn’t have to be your home page.

If you use social media to promote a particular service or product, your call to action should be to click a link that takes you to a page that explains more. This is called the landing page. Sometimes it will be the home page, but it can be a specific page.

Adding a video to that landing page will increase more interest than written text because it’s easier to engage with a video. People who don’t have time to read your content, for example, will watch the video. Others will watch first and then read later. Either way, your video is essential for converting leads.


Lead capture forms

Specialist software is now available that allows you to add a form within your video that captures leads. If you add this to the first 20% of your video, it can lead to a conversion rate of 40%.

How does it work, then? Well, if you have an introduction that captures the attention then you offer the viewer a way to sign up to whatever you offer. For example, it could be requesting an email address for you to be able to contact interested viewers later.

The rest of the video tells people who haven’t signed up a little bit more about your product or service. With such a fantastic conversion rate, it is worth trying a video with a lead capture form.


Video testimonials

We have mentioned before that a testimonial or case study from one of your clients is a powerful way to highlight your business. Around 90% of people check out reviews before making a purchase, says Hubspot. So if you can give a real-life example of a client or customer experience, the more likely you are to secure a lead.

Simple video testimonials are perfect on your landing and sales pages or on your social media accounts. 

Apex Testimonial

Other videos

There are many other types of video, as we have featured before. Studies show that video converts the most leads. But the three ideas we have looked at are the best if your aim is to use certain videos exclusively for leads. Don’t forget that people will look for more video on your website once they find it, so make sure there is a good mix.

Are you interested in creating more leads? Then talk to us about how we can help with our experienced video production team.

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