What kind of video is best for my business?

What kind of video is best for my business?

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What kind of video is best for my business?


Great videos are perfect for telling stories about your business. There are a range of videos you can use in marketing depending on the message you want to illustrate.

No matter what your brand story is, there will be a video to inspire your potential customers. We have dealt with many clients from Newcastle and across the North East who have chosen video for marketing purposes. 

Our advice to them is to think about what end result you want to achieve and to consider whether it needs to: 

1. Educate your audience and answer their questions

2. Entertain and keep your viewers hooked

3. Be relatable and, importantly, shareable

You may think that the costs involved in hiring a video marketing company will be out of your league. But you’d be surprised at how affordable video production is, so don’t write it off as an expensive luxury. 


1. What type of video will work for you? 

First of all, you need to work out what you want from the video. 

Is it going to be an explainer video or an educational one. Is it a case study or testimonial that gives your customers the chance to talk about your business? These can help a viewer make a decision about using your company.

Here are some types of video you may want to consider…


Explainer or educational

If you have a message about your product or service and need to educate your customers, then these short films are ideal. Being visual, they help people understand complex messages, such as products for financial companies.

They can be animated or real footage and with captions or voiceover. Don’t forget if don’t think you or your team sound professional, you may need to consider the extra cost of a voiceover artist.

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Explainer videos educate clients and customers about the message behind your brand and its services or products. Tutorials or demos, on the other hand, help them understand how a service or product works. This survey revealed that 4 out of 5 customers believe video tutorials are more helpful than explanations on paper.

This kind of video is perfect for showing people how to use your product. For example, if your business designs software you can illustrate the steps customers need to take using a tutorial.

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Showcasing your business in the best light is an excellent way of establishing a strong brand. In a corporate video you can communicate everything you have in a printed brochure but in a more dynamic and relatable way.

Corporate videos build trust and are successful at converting prospects because they want to associate with a powerful brand. You can use this kind of film to highlight:

  • Strengths of your company and team

  • The structure of your business or quality standards

  • Achievements and awards

If you want to use your video to highlight projects you have worked on, you might want to include them using aerial footage. We can provide this, too, and have the required licenses to use drones for breathtaking images.

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Case studies or testimonials

When new prospects visit your website for the first time, nothing is more reassuring than an independent view of your services. Case studies don’t have to be two-dimensional. We can cut between customer comments and footage of your products or services you provide as they chat.

Ask your client to outline the issues they faced before using your product or service for context.

Hubspot reports that 90% of people check out reviews before making a purchase. While Google or Facebook reviews are useful, it will help potential clients if they can see a real person sharing their views. 

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2. How should it look?

Once you have decided about the reason for creating your video, it’s now time to consider what you need. Do you want a video that is animated or one that mixes animation with real footage?



In a previous blog we looked at animated videos. These are perfect for a host of marketing projects and they are great value for money too because you don’t need to use actors or expensive locations.

Animation works for explainer, demo or entertainment videos. It is also useful for businesses or organisations, such as charities, that cannot use real footage.

It’s also the most cost effective way of producing videos as it doesn’t need locations.

Charlie Gard Animation

Real footage

Sometimes your products need to be displayed in a real setting, so real footage is necessary. For example, when we were asked to produce a time-lapse video of Hadrian’s Tower in Newcastle, real footage was going to be the only solution.

Case study or testimonial videos always work best with real footage. As we have read, prospects can relate to people, whereas an animated version won’t feel realistic. 

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If you have some ideas but don’t know where to start, contact Media Borne today and we will help guide you. Remember, think about the aim of the video from the outset and we can help you achieve that goal.

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