What type of video animation do I need?

What type of video animation do I need?

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What type of video animation do I need?

We've looked at why video animation is a great way of marketing your business in the past

If it is something you need for your business, then the next stage to consider is the type of animated video to use.

We work with businesses in Newcastle and across the North East needing our video production team to provide an animation that explains more about their goods and services.

As there are a number of types, we are sure you will be able to find one that matches your brand perfectly.


Animated video works

If you have a difficult concept or product to explain, animation makes it easy to get your message across. 

Did you know that 65% of people learn visually? So having a well designed and imaginative animated video is key if you want to reach the majority of people. 


Whiteboard Animation

Using whiteboard animation is perfect the tool for explaining topics that are difficult to understand. 

And while they may look simple, it is a real art because the lack of colour and other distracting factors means the animation becomes more significant.

People engage with this kind of animation because it is a whiteboard so they are expecting to learn something. They are perfect for explainer videos.

If you’ve dismissed this type of video it’s probably because you’ve seen some poor versions.

Whiteboard Animation

Typography Animation

Moving text stimulates and engages your audience because the viewer is compelled to read the words.

They work best with a voiceover or music and are particularly useful for animating single words or letters.

If there is important information for your audience to remember — such as dates or locations and times — then typography animation (or kinetic as it’s known in the trade) is perfect.

An interesting backdrop for the words to appear over that relates to your message works particularly well. We used this method to tease the line up for Summer Jam. [


Cartoon Animations

Cartoons can help you get over a sales or complex message by engaging the reader with bright moving images.

You can use these to communicate just about any message from tips and tricks to products and services.

They take a lot of technical skill and time but are one of the most cost efficient ways to produce videos because you don’t need actors or a location. 

For example, our All England Gas video [] could have used actors on location. But the extra time to find and pay for them would have increased the budget.

Cartoon explainer animations are perfect for branded social media posts too because they work best as a short video. They offer fun and playful content when you want to brighten up your message.

Cartoon Animation

Live Action and Animation

The combination of these styles is virtually endless and it is useful if you want to explain something with or without a voiceover.

When (wind turbine example company name?) wanted us to highlight elements in their video we used animation over real, live action footage.

This type of video animation is perfect as it can be used to illustrate the live action. It’s great for showing how a product works. It allows the viewer to relate your message to a real-time event.

Live Action Animation

Infographic Animation

The majority of people learn visually, as we have already learned. According to Forbes, it is why infographics are so useful and popular.

Infographic Animation

Infographics in print are useful, but explainer videos using infographics are even better at giving explanations.

If you want to get across important statistics on social media or even before a presentation, infographics are a visually stunning way to capture your audience.

One of the advantages of this type of animated video is they don’t need voiceovers. But make sure you use music that is relevant to the mood of the message.


What to do next?

If you need video animation then talk to us today. We will find out what your campaign goals are and help you plan a strategy.

Remember, that animation means you don’t need to be in front of the camera, which makes it popular for small businesses.

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