Why branding is important to your media

Why branding is important to your media

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Why branding is important to your media

You have an identity. We all do! We are who we are and how we look and dress is an integral part of that identity.

Your business also has an identity – and that’s called a brand. Think about those iconic brands we all recognise: Coca Cola, Mercedes-Benz or Apple.

If you see one of the logos of the company’s mentioned, you will not only be able to identify the brand. You will also be able to explain what you think about the company and what it stands for.

But it’s not just about a logo! For branding to work, you need to make sure everything that goes with it is right.

So your messages, mission statement, colours and fonts need must be the same or carry a similar ethos. And marketing for your business – whether that’s in print or online – needs to reflect your brand’s values. Any written content or images, such as photographs or videos, need to focus on that attention to detail.

If you’re too slapdash or not careful with what you produce, people will be confused. It may be all subconscious, but it matters!


This video we produced for Accenture, as you can see their brand reassembles throughout the video and we were using their brand guidelines to make sure of this.

Branding for small business

Even though you are a small business owner, doesn’t mean you should neglect branding. It’s just as important to your future and current customers or clients to be able to identify and understand what your brand is all about.

If it’s a bit of a mess, the colours don’t match or your logo is stretched, then a potential customer may go elsewhere. It could appear to them that you don’t put enough care into your work.

If they like your branding, then they are more likely to choose your business when they need your services or goods.

For example, if you are looking for “video companies in Newcastle” on a search engine, you will find several businesses offering their services. Click on a website and you’ll make a subconscious judgment about the business just by looking at their branding.

If the branding is strong, you’ll continue to look at the website and consider using that business.

Our branding

At Media Borne, our focus is on providing the best quality images to North East businesses. – whether moving or still. Our mission is to make sure we make it simple for our clients because they have their business to run and don’t want to be concerned about the quality of a photo or video shoot.

So, that’s why we have created an agency that offers everything you need under “one roof” whether that’s video production, photography, aerial photography or time lapse video.

To reflect our core brand values, our website is designed with simple colours and is simple to navigate and understand. Our logo isn’t a mash of colours because we want it to be easy to read and appealing.

We understand the importance branding and love to get to understand your brand because we want to look after it.

Video branding

For example, one of our clients is Simon, from The Hand Dyed Shoe Company in County Durham, required a photographer and videographer. The brand is very strong and when he asked us to provide his photographs and video, we knew how important Simon’s brand is to him.

So we had to make sure everything we produced was right, because his passion for his business had to be reflected as it is an integral part of his brand.

And we were delighted by his feedback. Simon said: “For me one of the biggest factors about the Hand Dyed Shoe Company is the brand. I’m so passionate about it… and for me what excites me about working with Media Borne is that they get the essence of that importance.

“That’s why I like working with Media Borne, it’s about the story behind us. They’re not just a bunch of photographers who shoot a few images, they offer video and a whole package to create something that understands your brand.”


What to do next?

So, if you want to build your brand, find an agency that can provide you with one that reflects your company’s ethos and really gets under the skin of it before they do attempt a logo.

Once you have a brand that you’re happy with, consider how you are going to use it in marketing. Will the words on the materials be written in a certain style? Will the images reflect everything about your business?

People love to buy from companies with strong brands. And you don’t have to be a multi-national firm to have a strong brand, as The Hand Dyed Shoe Company proves.

Here’s a great article that will help you build a brand for your business.

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