Why corporate videos need a story

Why corporate videos need a story

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Corporate videos need a story

When creating a corporate video for your organisation, it can be easy to fall into a couple of traps. As moving images are engaging, it’s easy to believe a video of your products or services is all you need.

It’s equally easy to fall into the trap that a video’s only job is to sell your products and services!

Recently, we looked at video marketing for business and focused on the technical aspect of how videos can help boost your brand. Part of that series looked at the storyboard, but what about the story behind it all?

Telling your story via video is a great way of engaging with your potential clients or customers. It’s also scientifically proven! Research recently showed that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals are processed 60,000-times faster than text, too, the study found.

So if you want to get your story across to customers and potential customers, engaging your audience with visuals is a wise decision.

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Why do you need a story?

Producing corporate videos for marketing isn’t a passion project. Well, it is for us, but for our clients they must achieve a return on investment! If that hasn’t been considered by you and your team, then remember your video has to work for you.

Simply trying to ‘sell’ a product or service can be a turnoff. Instead, you need to consider engaging your potential customers. Have you ever watched a TV ad that immediately starts with “Buy this now…”? Chances are you haven’t because savvy production companies choose to tell a story instead.

Consider the annual interest in John Lewis adverts in the run-up to Christmas! Whether you like them or not, John Lewis never makes a big deal out of its products. Instead, the video tells a story that raises interest in the brand.

We’re not saying you should spend all your marketing budget on a video with animation that takes months to produce, by the way. You can use your story to engage your audience.

A video we produced for Huntley Plant hire and access is a perfect example of the story behind a brand. Rather than concentrate saying something along the lines of “we hire plant equipment at a great price” the video told a story about the company celebrating an anniversary.

Throughout the video the viewer learns about the history of the company, which is interesting. It also subtly tells the viewer that your brand that is established and trustworthy. And because they chose an experienced video production company, the final result reflects the quality of their brand.

Huntley Plant

What’s your story?

Reading our previous blogs about how video production companies turn ideas into footage has, we hope, been insightful. But now is the time for you to consider your story, which will help the video production company you work with understand your brand.

You could feature a customer service story that will highlight how you work. People who can identify with that person may decide to buy from you because they understand the situation.

Or why not think about featuring your employees, the community work of your organisation, or an order you are currently delivering?

Either way, remember that you only have 10 seconds to capture attention and about 3 minutes to keep it. So don’t try to squeeze every story into one video. Choose one, and then tell it. It will then help you sell it!

If you would like us to help with your story, contact us today.

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