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Why branding is important to your media

Your business also has an identity – and that’s called a brand. Think about those iconic brands we all recognise: Coca Cola, Mercedes-Benz or Apple.

Why should I use animated video?

Telling your business story in a memorable way is essential! And that is where animation comes into its own.

Why do I need long-form video content?

They wrongly assumed that 21st century consumers now have an attention span so short that any video they view has to be crammed into 30 to 60 seconds!

Should I try YouTube advertising?

YouTube offers a world of opportunity – quite literally! But can it be useful for a local business?

The Best Marketing Trends of 2019 (So far)

This blog explains the value of marketing trends, then goes on to look at 3 key trends in marketing this year: bravery, humour and emotion. Each section explains the value of the marketing strategy to the business, and gives examples of businesses that have used that marketing style.

Top UK Time Lapse Videos

A fun blog post highlighting some of the most incredible time lapse videos of major cities in the UK, with great examples of time lapse videos for 7 of Britain’s top cities: London, Manchester, Newcastle, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Liverpool.

What Equipment Do You Need for Digital Video Production?

This blog article provides a checklist for all the essential equipment needed for video production including storyboards, cameras, microphones, tripods, gimbals, lighting, and external hard drives. And don't forget storytelling!

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Event Photography

An article sharing Media Borne's event photography experience with advice on how to avoid the 5 most common mistakes including camera settings, lighting, composition, posing your subject and backing up images. Tips apply to corporate event photography, weddings and private events.

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