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How to Film a Great Interview

A blog post sharing Media Borne’s experience with interviews, rounding up their best advice on how to film and produce a great interview including- pre-production, technical setup, and building rapport with your interview subject.

Top tips for filming a time lapse video

A helpful blog post with tips and advice on how to film an effective and compelling time lapse video. The article will focus on tips on how to plan, set up, film and edit your time lapse videography.

Why we love working with non profits

We love Newcastle and the North East. And we have never been prouder to be a part of this area than when we’re working with nonprofits. By collaborating with local Newcastle nonprofits, we’ve been lucky enough to become part of a thriving local community that cares about the North East.

Time lapse video to market your construction business

How the power of a polished time lapse in the construction, engineering and manufacturing sectors can impact Marketing.

What is brand identity and why is it important?

An explanation of what an effective brand identity is and the power a professional media agency has to grow your business.

The Advantages of Hiring a Creative Media Agency

We get a lot of questions about creative media agencies such as what exactly do they do and what benefit is there to hiring a media agency? This article answers these questions and provides tips on how to find and hire the best creative media agency for your company. 

Aerial photography explained

Aerial photography is one of the most powerful forms of imagery on the planet, and it is becoming increasingly easy and affordable to do. Read on for our aerial photography blog…

Video production & how it can benefit your business

We look at what video production is, the various types of video production & how video can be used to benefit all areas of a business.

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