Hadrian Tower time-lapse project Nov 2018 - 2019

The moment in time when the tallest building in Newcastle reached the top

Hadrian Tower time-lapse project Nov 2018 - 2019

Client Brief

Updating Newcastle's skyline

The High Street Group hired us to film and produce a time lapse video of their star construction project in Newcastle Upon Tyne city centre - Hadrian’s Tower. They wanted the time lapse footage to record the development of the building project so as to track progress for internal monitoring but also to use as great media content for PR and marketing.

The brief also included photographing the construction site for further marketing and PR material including print material and online content.  

The Project

Capturing Newcastle's tallest building

Hadrian’s Tower stands at 89 metres over the heart of Newcastle, and is a key part of an innovative project to regenerate the city centre.

Time lapse video production

To capture the monumental task of building the 27 storeys and 162 apartments of the iconic tower, we began by filming the setup of the cranes used to construct the skyscraper, one of which was the biggest ever used in Newcastle. We edited this footage into a stand alone three minute long time lapse video separate from the footage of the actual construction. This allowed us to show the scale and complexity of the project through edited time lapse footage and provide two professional time lapse videos to the client.

For the construction process itself, the filming process took 18 months with 4 separate camera setups and produced over 6 hours of footage, which we edited into a one and a half minute long time lapse video perfect for internal project reviews, investment updates as well as for PR and marketing.

The Results

Proof is in the pudding

The media material we delivered to The HSG was very successful, with our time lapse videos of the construction project gaining coverage on the BBC and ITV.

Several articles in local and regional newspapers also used our photos of the building process in their coverage of the Hadrian’s Tower project.

The HSG used the videos and photographs for all of their marketing materials, and we also re-edited the videos into specific sales videos for the general public and case study type videos for their investors.

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